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Holy Trinity Church
Eglwys y Drindod Sanctaidd
Work with children

Things have come a long way the days when children ‘were seen and not heard’ and Sunday School was a Bible story and recitation. Today, parents and very young children are able to participate in the service from a small play–area at the back of the church. This area is equipped with books, a settee and soft furnishings whilst the ‘older’ children have ‘Godly Play’ (see below). It does not end here. Each month we have a family service in which the children are invited to the front where along with the adults they are taught by a member of the Godly Play teachers.

Sunday school runs each week except the first Sunday of the month which is family service. We invite the children out during the initial time of praise and worship, and then return in time to participate in

the communion. We welcome all children from between the ages of two/three to join us in the upper room of the hall where we are creating our own dedicated classroom. Sunday school tradition has always been strong in Holy Trinity Church. Indeed children have played a significant part in the development of the building as well as in its ‘daily life’. Not only did the children contribute to the Children’s stained glass window, but when the South Aisle was being constructed, they raised funds for one of the 5 columns. It is easily found because unlike all the other columns in the building, it is not circular but octagonal with cherubim carved into the capital. However, children will be children – which is why if you visit the

Adults and children learn together in the communion service

West gallery, you will find on the front of the balcony signs that state that children are NOT allowed to sit overlooking the congregation below...

Over the last few years we have been introducing and learning from a method of teaching called Godly Play. It’s wonderful!

Adults and children learn together, based on Montessori–style teaching which ‘guides’ children through the scriptural stories, parables of Jesus and liturgical actions of the church and allows them to explore and wonder about them at their own pace. It works on the premise that children already know God and need only an appropriate language to construct their only personal understanding about that reality. The Godly Play program provides that opportunity.