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Holy Trinity Church
Eglwys y Drindod Sanctaidd
Windows in the Lady Chapel
Elijah rising into heaven on the chariot of fire

The Eastern most window on the South Aisle, depicts Elijah being taken up into heaven in the 'chariot of fire' (2Kings:2 verse 11). The stain glass has fine ornate scrollwork enclosing the central characters and the horses which have been richly coloured. The effect is that we have a window within a window. It is a memorial to Thomas Williams the first incumbant and founder of the Sunday schools in Holy Trinity, and was a gift of the Sunday school, of Canon Williams' Divinity students and of friends. The window was installed in 1905, 39 years after his death.

Here we have a story inside a story

Here we have a story inside a story! Next to the children's window is the is one that commemorates the parents of Mrs Illtyd,Gardner, Henry George and Susannah Kemp. This window depicts Elijah denouncing King Ahab with Jezebel looking on (1Kings:21 verse 20) and the angel of God urging Elijah to 'arise and eat'. The cake baked on coals and the cruze of water to sustain him in the wilderness are shown in the bottom right of the window (1Kings:19 verse 5), as is Jezebel negotiating with two men to have Naboth accused and stoned for blasphemy.