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Holy Trinity Church
Eglwys y Drindod Sanctaidd
Inside Holy Trinity

At the east end of the Aisle Arcades are two carved stone heads. On the south side is the mitred head of Bishop Richard Lewis who consecrated the South Aisle and Chancel in 1886. On the north side you see J.R.Phillips, the first vicar of the parish and ‘builder’
of the aisles. He is shown wearing the then customary ‘square cap’. Below is carved on the ‘half pillar’, a shield bearing the ‘Formulae of the Holy Trinity’.

As the building changed, so too did the Church furnishings: to accomodate the extension of the Chancel, the twin pulpits that were either side of the original, smaller Chancel were taken down in about 1885 and replaced by the present one in 1909. The pulpit was moved from the north side of the Church to accomodate the newly constructed North Aisle to its present position on the South Aisle. As a result it faces the Lady Chapel and not the body of the Church. In 1910 a large ornate brass eagle lectern was placed in front of the ‘Formulae the Holy Trinity’. This piece was given as a memorial to John Gearing, Mary and Emily Thomas (John Gearing Thomas being J.G.Thomas, the builder of the wooden base of the High Alter). The Oak Rood Screen was erected in 1894 though the colouring, gilding and the placing of

How fine art and the stonemason make a church building

traditional carved figures representing, Christ, his mother, Mary and Saint John were added later in memory of Mr. David Wetherill who died in 1933.
At the west end of the church, you will find the large stone font located by one of the rear doors. Its location symbolises that baptism is our entrance into the Church community. The Paschal candle is placed next to the font as a reminder of our baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ, the very foundation of our life of faith.